Ambiance App Reviews

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Very helpful

Helps a lot to relax !

Really great quality and handy


Excellent App

This app works just fine, even if it would be better with an iOS7-like design. The actual feels kinda old now. Thanks for the App!

Best of the best

Meilleur application de relaxion.Best of the best;-)we need more relax sounds please:-)


Outstanding! I highly recommend!

Sounds of our world

Super and very good for ambient music.

Great App

This awesome app lets me concentrate when Im coding. And Matt always reacts fast on questions. Great work, great guy.


One of the Best I have!!!!


nice sounds to fall in sleep

Best app in ages

Thanks for this super tool. Hanging out at airports and in planes a lot, this app helps me blend out the noise around me or even at home with this app you can be wherever you feel like you need to be. Switch on, switch off !

Great app

I use this when I am studying in the library. It helps me concentrate and blocks out most other sounds. I also use it for down time, I find the rain forest and fire place sounds perfect for this. Absolutely worth the small price!


Definitely the best "environment enhancer" ever made. Using it every night to get to sleep. I really hate to see it being discontinued.


Too many badges and notifications. Weekly update: "You could buy more junk inside this app! Come in and buy things! Weve added 10 new sounds that no one needs, so please open the app! Open it!"


Awesome, love it.

I love it

Help me to sleep.

Good to go

App is a solid and fun alarm clock for me.


Amazing for a free app... Really helps cut out noise when Im studying, actually helps me concentrate.

Great app. But got problems with alarm.

Great way to be awake smoothly.

My Favorite App

Love this. Use it constantly for reading and concentration.

Best app of its kind

Best ambient sounds app by a loooooongshot.

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